Weight, just an evaluation scale and nothing more

Weight is just a scale of evaluation. It is not the only criteria to judge a person, whether he is fat or healthy. Weight is just one of the scales, which helps in judging certain characteristics and credentials of a person. A person, who weighs 100 kilos on the weighing machine, may also look quite cool and handsome. While a person weighing 60 kilos may also look ugly.

This can be seen largely in case of people of varied height. Height in relation to weight is the tool, which gives us more clarity on the characteristic features of a person. Apart from this many other factors are to be considered. Over weight standards are quite strict and unrealistic.

Things to consider

Another important factor to be considered is for, people who are involved in continuous workouts, body building, six packs or eight pack abs, or stuff like that, should refer reviews of certain books and videos like Venus factor review in order to get knowledge of the right height and weight proportions for such people. Also, books and videos like the ‘Venus factor’ may provide the right systematic approach to build body.

A person devoted towards body building, has to have an overall development of the body. The process should be done with a lot of care and under guidance of some expert person, as it deals with re-structuring of muscles. It is important to note that, any slight deviation in the plan of action in the form of over exercising can cause a lot of muscle and ligament problems.

A person involved in these processes has an extremely good physique with good muscle shape. It is important to note that, generally such people’s weight will be high. But, they are not considered as overweight. They still look handsome. It signifies that a person being overweight may be so, because of arrangement of bones and muscles. Thus, just considering a chart and making a hasty decision of weight loss could prove costly on part of the body.

Apart from this, people born with heavy bones can also be overweight. Thus, considering all parameter before taking steps in regard to weight loss is essential. Some people may have an extremely low bone density and may look to consume extra foods and beverages in order to gain weight. But, it is important to note that over eating or eating in excess can only harm them, and not benefit them in any way.

What is to be taken for getting the desired results?

In these rare situations, individuals should consider physiotherapists and take certain supplements in the form of medicines, in order to gain the necessary weight. Usually, iron and calcium supplements are provided such persons.
For women, in situations of pregnancy, weight reduction strategies should not be used. After delivery also, many doctors advice certain exercises, which do not focus on weight loss.

Women nowadays focus more on weight loss immediately after delivery as they think it might spoil their shape. But, such steps could prove extremely harmful on the body. Thus, any steps in those situations should be done in expert guidance and not on assumptions and believes.

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Weight loss Techniques

There are many weight loss techniques. But, it is important to know the right one. Weight loss is not an easy process. It requires hard work and consistency. It is not something, which comes automatically people have to work for it. Weight loss techniques can be selected by people, as per their convenience and preference. However, consistently implementing them is the most essential part of any weight loss program.


Having right and balanced food is an essential component of weight loss. Dieting does not mean keeping hungry, it actually means eating right amounts and right things. Consumption of fruits, green vegetables, juices, etc, can help not only in weight loss, but can also provide improved health and immunity. Drinking water in regular intervals is extremely important, in order to maintain the liquid level, in the body.


Walking is a simple exercise which reduces significant weight. It is a boon to people struck with diabetes. It helps in maintaining insulin levels and also in reducing sugar level in the body. Stiff walking also encourages exercise of hands and legs. Walking should be done twice a day, at least for half an hour, to experience significant weight loss.

Aerobics and Yoga

Aerobics is an extremely nice way to energize your body. It not only makes mind and body active but, also gives the body the desired shape and flexibility, to perform all types of activities. Yoga and aerobics provide the right balance between mind and body. These exercises ensure more control of mind over the body. Consistent aerobics for at least, an hour a day can reduce weight better than any weight loss program.


Sport is an activity, which drives out all negative energies outside the body. It burns a lot of calories and the person might not feel the effort of it, as he/she is involved in the sport. Playing sports like basketball, tennis, football, etc, regularly, energize the body and mind enabling significant weight loss.

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Approach to a Successful Weight Loss Program

People might consider various approaches for various different weight loss programs. But, few common things need to be kept in mind, for implementing any weight loss program successfully.

These items help in providing a framework within which, the weight loss program should function. A proper approach and the right weight loss program in collaboration can help you in attaining your objectives.

Importance of time

Any weight loss program has to be evaluated on the basis of time. It is important to analyze the changes, through various parameters at regular intervals of time.

Regular evaluation helps us better understand the effects of weight loss programs on us. It helps us in keeping track of evolutions in us. However, the time interval should be fixed not too long and not too short also. The frequency of observations should happen, between 30 to 45 days for better evaluation.

Be patient

Patience is the key element in approaches of weight loss. Weight loss is a time consuming process. There is no shortcut for this long process. Being patient and consistent in adhering to the designed plan of action is extremely essential.

Importance of setting short term targets

Setting targets is extremely crucial as they motivate people. By setting targets, we can also realize the deviations and update ourselves to minimize the deviations in future. The targets should be realistic and achievable. Setting impossible targets can lead to false evaluation.

No or Less Experimentation

One of the most important approaches to a successful weight loss plan is no experimentation. People should choose a suitable weight loss program and should consistently follow it. People nowadays, experiment with multiple weight loss programs, trying various other alternatives and end up in not performing a single program fruitfully. ‘Master of all is jack of none’, similarly experimenting with multiple weight loss programs, might not help a person in attaining his/her objectives.

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Methods which do not cause weight loss

People nowadays are supplied with lot of incorrect information, on how to lose weight. People should stay away from certain methods, which promise for weight loss, but actually might harm them adversely. In the global market today, marketing companies supply a lot of false information in order to build sales of their company.

The companies offering products or services, related to weight loss programs, hide some necessary information. They do not provide information to people about the side effects and the negative impacts of such items or processes. People should be extremely careful, while using such products or services. An expert opinion would be worthy, before experimenting with such products.


A lot of people think that fasting can help in weight loss. It is an absolute miss-conception. Fasting increases the level of keytones in the body, which can lead to kidney problems. Moreover, insufficient level of energy is maintained in the body due to fasting. This may lead to weakness and a direct impact on parts of brain, causing head ache and other similar problems.

Moreover, skipping meals or consistent fasting causes gastric problems. It is scientifically proven that, people in fact, gain more weight due to regular fasting. Fasting can reduce immunity towards diseases. Thus, fasting is not a weight reducing technique but, it is actually a method to gain weight and harmful diseases.

Consuming different products which promise weight loss

Certain products launched into the market like, corn flakes, green tea, syrups, etc, promise weight loss in certain period of time. The science behind these products is that, they contain extremely low amounts fats and carbohydrates. Also, the food products are made of fiber, which fill the stomach in small quantities. They prevent over eating and help in reducing the consumption of food, significantly.

But, these products just prevent weight gain and do not initiate weight loss. Initially, these products might seem to help in weight loss. But, such products should not be put into implementation, just considering their initial performances. They should be used, only under expert guidance and not without them.

Treatments like Liposuction and Gastric Bypass

These surgeries or so called weight loss treatments are not for people looking for weight loss. These are treatments designed for people, who cannot reduce their weight by any means. You often see people weighing 150 kilos or more going for such operations.

These techniques should be used as a last option and not the first one. These are techniques for the helpless people and not for people, who can work towards achieving a slim and a fit body.

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